Fifth Of July

This week was the Fifth of July--a little holiday that I invented.  The Hallmark corporation hasn't picked up on it yet, but they will. 

To mark this special occasion, I've released a double single of "Fifth Of July," which you can hear below.  

The first track is a remastered version of the album mix.  It sounds even better than it did before.  I'm still quite proud of how the slide guitar in the bridge turned out.

The second track is the "Melrose Version" of the song, which is a pretty significant remix/remaster of the version that originally appeared on the Gold Trim On Fresh Fruit EP.

Speaking of remixes, I've also been working on a remix of the LALO version that reminds me an awful lot of Ginuwine's "Pony."  But the world's not ready for that one yet.

Music video for "Fifth Of July" (2017 Remaster):

Music video for "Fifth Of July" (Melrose Version):

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