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My Nguyen over at Stars and Celebs reviewed "Molly":

One man band Jason Erb embraces the DIY attitude on his solo endeavor Velcro Mary.  A project that pays tribute to 90’s bands, Erb commandeers all the instruments himself – a feat that would normally be left to the devices of a normally larger operation. 

On Erb’s latest single, “Molly,” the contrasts of sound that could be heard on the brand new track culminates in a healthy stew of cadences from the acoustic guitar to the sounds of the accordion, drums, bass, and percussions.  These is some order to this madness with Erb singing with dogged passion.  This dynamic sounding track resounds with unfaltering melodic guitar riffs and winning vocals. 

With a cadence that has an underlining somber sense to the song, due to the seriousness of the track, listeners will be drawn to its overarching grave sense. 

The music is simply riveting with energized performances from the acoustic guitar and Erb’s impassioned vocals. 

The single showcases Erb’s ability as a guitarist.  The numerating over the acoustic guitar demonstrates Erb’s deft finger work.  The strumming interplays very well with Erb’s husky vocals. 

The song is a strong sample of Velcro Mary’s work.  And is a solid indicator of what is to come from the solo musician. 

Erb’s enthused musicianship in the DIY spirit demonstrates his passions for classic rock and indie music.  His sound that blends in sounds of 90’s grunge and alt rock is a compilation of cadences from the distinct era. 

“Molly” is a refreshing listen that brings back the familiar decade to nostalgic fans of the time.  Well establishing his unique sound in the single, Erb melds the past into the present, delving into 90’s grunge and alt rock with a more modernized feel.  With a foot in both worlds, Erb takes the old and makes it new again with.  What you get is an acoustic alt sound that is undeniably Velcro Mary.

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