Mary Christmas 2018


December is here, and with it comes another Velcro Mary Christmas single.  This year I've covered the holiday standard, "Up On The Housetop."  Additionally, all of my Xmas singles have been added to the Official


I am ecstatic to reveal that Pandora has added the majority of the Velcro Mary discography to their streaming platform. If you use Pandora, take my station for a spin.  Your delicious user data will feed their hungry algorithms.

Flight Risk

"Flight Risk" is another song recorded with my 3-string fretless cigar box guitar.  This time I plugged it in for a dirtier tone.  I added some percussive flavor to the song with an instrument called the vibraslap, which is designed…

Love Letter On A Dollar Bill

Regarding gratuity, if you order a drink at a bar in the United States, etiquette dictates that you should tip the bartender at least $1.  The bartender is already paid to be there, though usually less than minimum wage.  For…

Stars In Eyes (Acoustic)

When I was playing solo acoustic shows a couple years ago, I came up with a new way to play "Stars In Eyes" that made it fresh for me.  Since then, it's become a regular in the setlist.  When I…