Pale Green Horse



The concept I have in mind for my next album, is to focus on acoustic, unusual, and/or handmade instrumentation. “Pale Green Horse,” out today, covers all of those bases. 

The main instrument is…

Velvety: Chair

Velvety shared "Chair" on their blog.  As far as I know, this is the first press I've ever received from Spain.  Muchos gracias, Velvety.

Count To Never

"Count To Never" is a song from the Gold Trim On Fresh Fruit EP that never got a fair shake.  I recently dug up the master recording and decided to give it another go.  I cleaned it up…


On a recent excursion to the remote scenic vistas of the North Carolina mountains, I hauled along a pile of gear and started recording songs for a new album.  After the big rock sound of Leave A Light On