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  1. Freezing To Death

From the recording Leave A Light On

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I'd like to come and see you but I cannot spare the clothes
Cuz you never let me inside and I always go home cold
I was freezing all through summer in a crowded parking lot
Put the heat on in the car but air conditioning's all I got
You said to call you when I got there but I probably should have left
Cuz while you sit warm inside your house
I'm freezing to death

If you have to give me something I could use an extra shirt
Bring a blanket to the hospital because this cold's starting to hurt
I could use something in long sleeves make yourself a mental note
If this is gonna last much longer I'm gonna need a thicker coat
Tried to call you from a pay phone swear to god I saw my breath
And although it's eighty-some degrees
I'm freezing to death