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  1. Chair

From the recording Chair

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Should’ve never bought a chair
Should’ve never tossed the coffee cup
Used to never go to sleep
Now it seems I never wake up

In the morning we can make up for lost time
Enjoy the weekend with a paycheck on the line
And if comfort leads to laziness
I’ll own up to it and I’ll make it mine

Should’ve never bought a bed
Foam mattress with a pillow top
Now I hardly ever start
It used to be I couldn’t stop

Come tomorrow we can catch up on today
Procrastination pushed the finish line away
So I sit and have a think about the checks I wrote
That I can not repay

Should’ve never bought a house
A safe place where I can hang my hat
Remember when I never ate?
Now I’ve made my belly fat

In the future all our dreams can still come true
And we’ll laugh about the things we used to do
With the brass ring out of reach beyond the path
That we neglected to pursue

Should’ve never bought a chair