Head Like A Hole: Cigar Box Nation 

I was absolutely honored to be featured on Cigar Box Nation by the one and only Shane Speal.  Cigar Box Nation is the #1 resource for all things cigar box guitar related, and Shane is known as the King of Cigar Box Guitars.  My third CBG song, a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like A Hole," popped up on Shane's radar and must have left a good impression:

This unexpected cover tune came across my Instagram feed the other day and I was absolutely floored!  Velcro Mary is the performing name of one-man-band, Jason Erb and his take on the Nine Inch Nails song, "Head Like a Hole" is a fantastic re-working of the industrial music classic.

Not only was I featured on the website, but they even mentioned me in a email sent out to all of their subscribers.  Check out the feature here.

Stars And Celebs: Soft Bomb Jangle 

My Nguyen, over at Stars And Celebs, reviewed Soft Bomb Jangle:

Velcro Mary returns with brand new album release 'Soft Bomb Jangle'

A couple of months ago, Stars and Celebs featured solo musician Jason Erb, who goes by the band name Velcro Mary on his single release of “Molly.”  Now Erb returns with his latest album release, entitled, Soft Bomb Jangle, a startling release that captures the DIY spirit as he executes each instrumental himself. 

A throw-back to the 90s, Soft Bomb Jangle, walks the delicate line of past and present, modernizing the sounds he is so influenced by into a more contemporary cadence. 

The album opens up with soothing and relaxing alternative indie track, “Getting Smaller” that is jumpstarted by a melodic piano tune.  The piano melody is beatific and peaceful with vocals that are ensconced in reverb.  The sounds of synths oscillate throughout this song.  The cacophony of guitars creates a wall of melodious cadences. 

The sun-soaked “Chair” creates an upbeat ambiance as well as a catchy acoustic sound.  With a stripped down feel, the vocals are simply adorned with the acoustic guitar and percussions.  Carrying a bright and whimsical cadence, a bluesy harmonica trails this track. 

On “Pale Green Horse,” bluesy guitar licks start off this song, bouncing off some upbeat rhythms, pervading with a soaring sound.  The percussions provide for a more charged and upbeat energy. 

Molly” is a dynamic acoustic track that traces a deeply cathartic cadence.  With a sharp nostalgic focus on the 90s, the song simmers with a deep treading vibe.  Erb’s vocals are at once hard and soft, giving off a smoldering approach. 

“Flight Risk” incorporates a more upbeat and catchy vibe than the previous tracks, highlighting reverberating guitars and an infectious drumming beat. 

Deft strumming on the acoustic guitar fills the start of “Love Letter On A Dollar Bill.”  The numerating on the guitar is pretty dynamic.  The acoustic song is haunting and somber-sounding.  A stripped down affair, this acoustic arrangement is paved with a warm and effusive vibe. 

The ebb and flow of Soft Bomb Jangle hinges on infectious rhythms and beats and an unrelenting alternative style that recalls the best of the 90s.  Reverb-drenched vocals are backed up by the cavernous layers of instrumentals, giving a multi-layered sound. 

Velcro Mary has created a ridiculously good album that you will be putting on repeat.  This record will definitely leave its stamp onto listeners. 

My only complaint is that these gems are fast listens.  With the shortest track ranging around 1:22 minutes.  Yet just enough to spark an interest on these mesmerizing set of songs that don’t just sparkle, they captivate, enthralling old and new fans alike with Jason Erb’s grunge and indie rock spirit.

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